Committee Chairs 2020-21

Committee Chairs and Assignments

Committee Assignments 09-23-20 (2)

Committee Chairs 2019-20

Affiliate Organizing: Jolene Barrow, Region 4
Annual Meeting: Halimah Mekki, Region 1

Bargaining: Rosemary Louissaint, Region 1
Boutique: Vacant
Budget Advisory: Brian Breslin, Region 3
Conflict Resolution: Robin Devitt-Mitchell, Region 3
Constitution & Bylaws: George Young, Region 1
Communications: Andrew Oman, Region 3 and Christal Hall, Region 1
Diversity: Norma Sanchez, D-3
Grievance: Michelle Washington, Region 1
New Staff: Angela Marese Boyle, D-3 & Carol Reichert, Region 2
Nominations/Elections: Marianne Reynolds, Region 4
Non-Agency Fee Task Force: Nicole Love, Region 1
Organizing: Kim Mina, Region 3
Research: Vacant
Training: Karen Bost, Region 4
Health Trust: Jake Anderson, Region 3
Pension Trust: Susan Midori-Jones, Region 1
401(k) Liaison: Norma Ortiz, Region 4
IFT Liaison: Angela Marese Boyle, D-3
Safety Liaisons: Steve Savage, Region 1
Technology: Larry Spotts, Region 1
Ad Hoc Culture & Structure: Reena Doyle, D-3 & Gail Watts, D-1
Joint Workload: Bruce Saathoff, Region 2
Attrition: Rosemary Louissaint, Region 1


2018-19 Committee Chairs

2018-19 CSO Committees (2)

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