Core Values

Core Values of the California Staff Organization  

The Core Values of the California Staff Organization comprise the shared beliefs of our membership. Each core value is embraced, lived, nurtured, taught, and reinforced in our professional endeavors as members of CSO. It is the following Core Values we honor.


We will achieve the professional and economic goals of CSO members and our families through effective union advocacy.


We will honor and respect our CSO colleagues. We will sustain an organization characterized by true and abiding concern, trust, loyalty and support for our sisters and brothers, their families and our greater society. We will stand together embracing diversity within our organization and the greater society. We will respect each other’s individuality, just as we affirm our need for collective responsibility.

Relationship Building/Organizing

We will strengthen CSO and enhance our ability to more effectively represent our members by building strong personal relationships among our members and organizing for collective action.

Commitment to Public Education

We will work in partnership with member of the California Teachers Association and other coalitions to support, protect and enhance our public schools. We will insist that all educational employees are accorded the respect, support and resources commensurate with their roles and contribution to society. We will seek to ensure all students are provided an equal opportunity to attain the knowledge and skills they need to enjoy productive and meaningful lives.

Social Justice

We will contribute to our profession and society through individual and collective commitments to social progress and democratic values.


Unanimously adopted, April 5, 2003 at the CSO Annual Meeting

Click here for a copy of the CSO Core Values.

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